22nd Sep 2022

Our top breakfast options for morning staff meetings


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a phrase that was drilled into many of us when we were kids, and for good reason. A solid breakfast gets your day off to a strong start. It ensures you’re energised and focused for the start of the workday. But research shows that too many people are skipping breakfast or don’t eat enough. Lack of time is the most cited reason for this, with many Irish residents opting to grab a croissant or granola bar on the way to work or eat something at their desk. Working from home gave people the opportunity to make time for breakfast without having to rush out for the early morning commute. As we head back to the office, it’s important that good habit isn’t lost. 

Powering your workplace for the day with office breakfast catering can really boost productivity and morale. Turn your meetings into breakfast meetings with our changing seasonal menus full of delicious, tasty food, and you’ll be sure your office is starting the day with a buzz of energy and excitement. Every company has different needs based on means and whether it’s weekly or daily catering or a special event you’re putting on for your staff. Whatever the plan, there is a tonne of options to spice up your mornings.

  • Breakfast Buffet
    If you really want to welcome your team back to the office with style, then a breakfast buffet is sure to do the job. For the traditional, there is always the stalwart full Irish, but we also offer toast bars with artisanal bread and spreads. Fancy a continental breakfast of pastries and jams, or bagels with fresh salmon and cream cheese? Our menus change from week to week, with a wide range of dishes on offer, ensuring that all tastes and special diets such as gluten-free are accommodated.
  • Breakfast boxes
    If you have a small or fluctuating headcount or don’t have the budget for a daily breakfast buffet, then our breakfast boxes might be the thing for you. These personal boxes come packed with all sorts of lovely things like croissants, fruit pastries, chia pots or porridges topped with a range of fresh fruit, nuts, and grains.
  • Themed breakfasts
    It’s good to mix things up now and then. Themed breakfasts can give your employees a taste of mornings from around the world, or even fit a festive theme. Perhaps you want to promote healthy, environmentally friendly eating with a vegetarian breakfast? If you’re looking to celebrate something and reward your team, a themed breakfast is a great way to do it.
  • DIY Breakfast bowls
    Ever thought of offering DIY breakfast bowls? We can pop-up with a bar that has all the ingredients you need for flavour packed breakfasts. Think acai smoothie bowls with toasted granola, nuts, seeds and fresh berries. Breakfast bowls are a simple and fun way to give your taste buds an experience at breakfast time!
  • Smoothies and breakfast shakes
    Get a head start on your five-a-day with a tasty breakfast smoothie or shake made with fresh fruit and vegetables. Smoothies are delicious, no-hassle meals in a glass stacked with all the nutrients you could need. If you want to take it to the next level, we can bring in a smoothie bike. What’s that you say?! It’s a bike that powers a blender and it’s a super fun way to bring a little bit of fun and team interaction into the workplace.
  • Don’t forget the coffee!
    Our pop-up coffee bars are a great way to bring premium and sustainable coffee into the office. We work with local roasters that source their beans directly from farms. Our preferred coffee supplier is Full Circle but we work with a number of roasters that help us bring the best of Dublin’s independent coffee shop vibes into offices throughout the city.
  • Cold foods


If any of the breakfast ideas on this list got you salivating, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your breakfast game at work. We can’t perform at our best on an empty stomach so treat your staff to breakfast as a way to increase motivation, productivity and well-being. Sharing a great food experience at work is an effective way to promote positive, inclusive company culture and bring your staff together, giving them an opportunity to coordinate between teams on the tasks ahead of them.

Offering your staff catered breakfasts will really take the sting out of that hectic morning commute and make them look forward to getting to the office. Whether it’s a pop-up toast bar and coffee stand, or a full breakfast buffet stacked with delicious, freshly made food, our kitchens have been delivering yummy breakfasts to workplaces across London since 2005 and we are all set to bring the same happiness to offices in Dublin!

Published by Fooditude

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