The importance of inclusive catering: providing variety to gluten-free diners

Understanding the gluten issue Fooditude is a workplace catering company that’s all about tasty, healthy food made sustainably and ethically. We launched in Dublin in 2021, but we’ve got plenty of experience under our belts, serving prestigious London workplaces since 2005.  No tummy is left grumbling with our diverse menu of freshly cooked meals: we’ve […]

Organic vs Non-Organic: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Introduction As Ireland looks at embracing a greener future, we’re all starting to think about the little choices we can make that are kinder to our world. One of the most important decisions is what we choose to eat. Sustainable, ethically sourced, free range — these are all words we look for when considering our […]

Fooditude gives an introduction to the world of work at Trinity Comprehensive School

Fooditude has always seen community engagement as an integral part of its sustainability journey. After all, the UN defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In short, it’s not just about the planet’s environment; it’s also about the prosperity of the […]

Benefits of launching a company lunch program for your employees

As the world heads back to the office and we see the return of frantically scoffing toast on our morning commutes, or agonising over what to cook for dinner after a long day, the simple luxury of being able to pop to the fridge is sure to be missed. But there is something that businesses […]

How to cater for the hybrid office, made simple

Remote working has changed how people see the office. Companies have tested out different ways to manage their remote workforce. During the height of the pandemic, organisations had to take on quick strategic workplace initiatives with a dispersed workforce and send their digital transformation to overdrive. And it worked; we got things done. However, that […]

The benefits of team building breakfast

Fika means ‘coffee break’ when directly translated from Swedish to English. But like so many other translations, it doesn’t capture the cultural nuances associated with the word.  Fika is so much more than just taking a coffee break. It’s a moment to pause and spend quality time with the people you are with. The enjoyment […]

5 ways to make workplace catering in Dublin more sustainable

Sustainability is a broad term that can mean different things in different contexts. So, first things first, let’s define what sustainability means when talking about all things workplace catering. Here, sustainability means feeding people healthy food, made with ingredients that are local and seasonal, while minimising food waste. Operating a workplace food programme in a […]