The Future of Office Catering: Enhancing Hybrid Workplaces

If the last few years have taught us anything, workplaces must be flexible to stay operational. So it’s not surprising that hybrid workplaces have gained immense popularity in recent years as organisations strive to strike a balance between remote work and traditional office settings. This growing trend reflects the recognition of the numerous benefits and […]

TREND INSIGHTS | A look into the rise of vegan and plant-based food in Ireland

Back in 2021, Google reported a more than 5000% increase in people searching for “vegan food near me”. Whether someone’s vegan, veggie or a ‘flexitarian’: Ireland is becoming more open-minded with meat-free choices on its menus and in its shopping baskets. It’s worth pointing out that just because someone orders a vegan burger, doesn’t mean […]

The importance of local sourcing in contract catering

It makes sense that the shorter the distance from farm to fork, the fresher your food is. The fresher food is, the more nutritious it will be.  That means local sourcing is important to how we eat every day, including at work. Where we source our food from has far-reaching impacts from environmental sustainability to […]

PRIDE SPECIAL: Dublin LGBTQIA+ owned food and drink brands 2023

A rainbow-washing-free Pride? June is Pride Month: when the LGBTQIA+ community jumps to the forefront of public awareness. Commercial brands worldwide advocate Pride, and it’s not without controversy, with criticism that certain activities risk a “commodification” of the gay rights movement. At Fooditude, we want to do right by the LGBTQIA+ community. Yes, inclusion and […]

Fooditude | World of Work 2023 Part 2

Collaborating with BITC Ireland on their ‘World of Work’ project for Trinity Comprehensive students has been a great experience for everybody involved. The project focused on improving post-primary retention rates in schools. By addressing this issue within education, we can create an inclusive community where everyone can thrive. Last week, the Fooditude team were busy […]

Fooditude | World of Work 2023

It’s Fooditude’s responsibility to become a sustainable caterer: we owe it to our community and planet. Our team’s commitment to change can be seen throughout the business, including community outreach.  In 2022, we introduced students to the world of work at Trinity Comprehensive School through BITC Ireland’s ‘World of Work’ programme. Sinead Moore, our executive […]

BiaSol | Irish Innovators Minimising Food Waste

Meet Ruairi, Naimh and their brand BiaSol: they’re an Irish food start-up making waves in the industry with their innovative approach towards minimising food waste. Founded in the peak of lockdown in 2020, the sister-brother duo speculated on creating something sustainable and nutritious. They identified that repurposing brewing grains from the beer making process was […]

Banana Peel Bacon | The Perfect Vegan Bacon

In the last decade, plant-based eating has gone mainstream. As a result, more and more people are opting for plant-based meals and meat alternatives – whether for a one-off meal or as a permanent lifestyle choice.    Why is this happening? Of course, every person will have their reason, but health, environmental and financial considerations […]

How corporate catering helps foster positive company culture

Most of us have first-hand experience witnessing the shift from the traditional 9 to 5 office day to more flexible working styles over the past two years. Whilst some have been longing for face-to-face workplace interactions, others have enjoyed the newfound flexibility that remote working enables. Either way, the pandemic has altered attitudes towards remote […]

What is responsible sourcing and why does it matter?

It’s no surprise that sustainability and ethics are valued strongly by Irish consumers. The world is waking up to the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the journey of food to our plates can be a complicated one, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what to look for. What is […]